Links to My Harry Potter Fanfiction

DeviantArt (This account will probably not be updated anymore, but is still there for historical purposes)
Fanfiction.net (Read all of my fanfiction, including my non-HP stuff!)
Fire and Ice Archive (By Firelight only. See below to find out why.)
Harry Potter Fan Fiction
Mugglenet Fan Fiction
Sycophant Hex – Lumos

Above is a handy list of places you can find my fanfiction. Note that the Fire and Ice Archive only has By Firelight, but that’s because it’s the only Draco/Ginny fanfiction I’ve written so far. The other sites, of course, also include The Wishing Well.

Sept. 4, 2013 Update: I recently re-posted By Firelight on Hogwarts Extreme RPG, but since you have to be logged in to view the Fan Fiction area, posting the direct link in the list above isn’t such a good idea. 😛 But if you’re a member, log in and do a search in the Fan Fiction section for “Rebecca Ripple” there. You should be able to find me pretty easily, since that’s my username. 🙂 While you’re at it, go ahead and send me an Owlpost message to say hello, or if you so desire, you can add me as a Hogfriend, too. 😀 I’m active on there again, trying to make it to Third Year so I can take some new classes.


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