By Firelight – Important News Update!

April 17, 2011

I think I owe you guys an apology. 😦 Strike that; I definitely owe you an apology. I got your hopes up too soon, saying Chapter 21 would be ready in a week or so. That was nearly a month ago, and I haven’t even added a page to the chapter since then.

I am so sorry!

I totally regret getting too psyched too soon, and I know I should have planned better before I typed that post back in March.

The hardest part of this to admit is that this time, the culprit isn’t writer’s block.

As sorry as I am about letting you guys down, and perhaps even breaking my promise not to give up on By Firelight till I had posted the last chapter, I may have to do just that. As you may have read on my other blog, I’ve gotten into Glee over the past few months, and by now, my psychological makeup is about 10% Harry Potter fan, 5% real life, and 85% Gleek. In fact, I’ve started my first Glee fanfic, but the bad news for readers of By Firelight is that my new story is requiring all of my time and creative energy.

Let me be perfectly clear: I’ll always love Harry Potter, I still want to see Deathly Hallows Part 2 in theaters (and later get it on DVD), I still cherish all the friendships I’ve made through the Harry Potter fandom, and I’ll continue following the Harry Potter Alliance on Facebook and Tumblr until the dreary day they stop posting. But my new story is going to be my priority project for the time being. Maybe in the future I’ll pick up By Firelight again. It’s happened before, so don’t get discouraged. Till then, though, I’ve gotta do what my heart says is best. Right now, that’s Glee.

Again, I’m really sorry for getting your hopes up like I did! I hope to see you around the net, and I hope you’re not too angry at me for my broken promise…


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