Chapter 20 is up!

January 21, 2011

As you may know, the twentieth installment of By Firelight, dubbed “Dream Yourself Awake”, is done and posted. It was actually posted last night, but better late than never to announce it, right? Sorry for my lateness – I brought a note. 🙂

I’ll be updating the list of links today, because there are a few new sites who’ve been kind enough to let me post my story there, too.

Remember, I love reviews, so don’t forget to post yours! 😀 Thanks!

Arnel is the best! She beta read this chapter for me, and she’s an awesome writer herself, so check out her amazing Harry/Ginny stories at PhoenixSong.net!



  1. Still following this and been loving it since the beginning! look forward to the chapter B! *waits impatiently*

    • Aww! *hugs* Did you read 20 yet? Let me know what you think of it! I miss chatting with you, by the way. Been busy? 🙂

      Thank you!! ❤

  2. yes i read it this morning! =) Its great! The story is compelling and definitely has many attributes to make it a great book! You should try writing something original, i think your a gifted writer and should definitely follow that. Miss chatting with you too! and yes very busy 😦 theres not enough hours in a day to enjoy anything ..sigh*

    • I’m so happy! Yay! That made my week! 😀

      I’m sorry you’ve been too busy to enjoy things as much as you deserve to. You’re such a sweet person. I’m glad you can at least chat sometimes, though. Hopefully, you’ll get to relax and enjoy life’s sweeter moments soon. 🙂 Do you have any vacation time you could take?

  3. By the way i cant believe she told him “i love you” AHHH ..finally! lol What will Harry do when he finds out!

    • Hey! That was a spoiler! *hugs anyway* Yeah, I got a review on this one saying the romance part is happening too quickly. To myself, I was like, it took 20 chapters for them to kiss. Should it have taken 30? I didn’t say that in my reply to the reviewer, though. 😉

      I think I kinda see what they’re saying, though, in a way… From the time Draco and Cissy arrive at Harry’s uncle’s house, it took less than two weeks to get to where they are now. But hey, many famous characters in literature fell in love in a matter of hours! No one seems to question them. 😉 😀

      Have a lovely!

      • Sorry for the late reply! but sorry! didnt mean to spoil 😦 but i think its perfect timing for the kiss, waiting till chapter 30 is TOO long

  4. Speaking of which, is your new website up yet?

    • I don’t have a webhost yet. I’m holding out for one, but nothing’s confirmed/set up yet. 😦

      Don’t be sorry! I’m just glad you liked the chapter so much! The other day, I got another review like before where someone mentioned the ship was sailing to soon, but I’ve got a good feeling about this chapter. Trouble is, My number of reviewers is seriously dwindling. I might have lost a very constructive reviewer who became uncomfortable during Ch. 19, with the memory. I’ll miss her reviews, she left really thorough ones and asked questions and everything. 🙂 But I don’t want to make her uncomfortable. 😥

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