Updated List of Links to My Stories (Edited Jan. 21, 2011)

June 21, 2010

Fire and Ice Archive
Harry Potter Fan Fiction
Mugglenet Fan Fiction
Sycophant Hex – Lumos

Above is a handy list of places you can find my fanfictions. Note that the Fire and Ice Archive and Portkey.org only have By Firelight, but that’s because The Wishing Well isn’t a Draco/Ginny fanfiction. The other sites, of course, have both for your enjoyment.

Edit (Jan. 21, 2011): I recently posted the stories on Hogwarts Extreme RPG, but since (I think) you have to be logged in to view the library, I don’t know if posting the direct link in the list above is a good idea. 😛 But if you’re a member, do a search for “Rebecca Ripple” in the Fictions section of the library. You’ll find me. 🙂 While you’re at it, go ahead and send me an Owlpost to say hey. 😀


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