Update on Chapters 13 and 14

July 15, 2009

Squee! I have now completed Chapter 13, posted it for validation (or in the case of FanFiction.Net, for your immediate viewing pleasure), and finished writing Chapter 14. So now, I’m just waiting on Chapter 13’s approval on HPFF and FictionAlley before I go ahead and submit #14 on my three favorite fanfic-posting sites. Hope you enjoy them! If you can’t stand the wait, you can always keep an eye on FanFiction.Net, where chapters are approved automatically. I’ve chosen to accept anonymous reviews on my stories, and I welcome all reviews, from every kind of fan! My only personal rule (not including site rules, of course) is “no flaming”. As always, I prefer constructive criticism over the cruel kind that some people, like my dad, give, and will thank you heartily for any of the former that you can offer.

By the way, I saw Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince this morning (no, unfortunately not at midnight), and I am thrilled to say that it is a perfectly-done masterpiece! The best yet, by far! No, I won’t give spoilers on the details, as it’s very likely that many visitors to my fanfic blog haven’t seen the movie yet. But I will tell you that if you judge Daniel Radcliffe’s acting, for example, on only the first five movies in the series, you are sure to make a fool of yourself. Dan was phenomenally better in HBP than in OotP, and I am well aware that his acting had improved somewhat back then, as well. And oh… my… GOSH! Tom Felton was gorgeous as ever, but this time we saw him in practically every scene! (Practically, mind you… We certainly can’t have an HP6 without Harry’s private meetings with Dumbledore, or without his time spent at the Burrow, can we now?) But he was perfect. Just absolutely beautiful. Not that I’m a very impartial judge… ;D

In conclusion, despite obvious progress on Dan’s part, Tom Felton could still outact him any day. That is all — G’night, folks! ;D

Love ya,
Rebecca Ripple Felton
(( Just kidding, everyone! *huggles the lucky Ms. Jade apologetically and sends her a freshly-conjured muffin* ))


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