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What’s Taking So Long?

June 20, 2009

Hey all,

I just noticed it’s been over two months since I posted Chapter 11 of By Firelight… Wow, time flies when you’ve got writer’s block. I swear, I have NOT forgotten my readers! I’m so sorry chapter 12 of By Firelight is taking so long. I know what It’s like to be really into a story, and read all there is of it, only to have to wait ages for the next installment. I guarantee the delay is not intentional!

I know what I’m trying to do, honest! I know exactly what I want to happen next, and what comes after that, etc… I love the intense scenes, but of course, no good book I’ve ever heard of is 100% action and 0% reflection. It’s getting through the quieter moments that really slows things down for my writing. Even Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows has a few slower scenes where nobody’s even thinking about the threat of Voldemort, let alone fighting him. And yet, despite knowing that a story isn’t a story without those pesky calm scenes, my words still flow better when I’m really feeling the emotional impact of whatever I’m writing. I wonder if the lovely Jo Rowling had writer’s block very often when writing her masterpiece books. Well, she always seemed to make her deadlines, didn’t she? ^.^; So I’m sorry to all my awesome, loyal readers! I really hate to keep you all waiting so long.

Another thing that’s been slowing down my posting of new chapters, however, is that I’ve been rewriting the story from the prologue (A Task to Perform) through the end of chapter six (Patching Old Cloth). Hopefully I can improve enough upon my first few chapters in order to post By Firelight to Fire and Ice, a much higher-quality archive than, say, FanFiction.Net, and one which specializes in Draco/Ginny fanfiction. And maybe, after I’m done improving the chapters in question, I won’t end up losing so many readers’ interest before they even reach chapter 2.

By the way, in Chapter 7 (The Pensieve), I might’ve unnecessarily confused some folks. Draco doesn’t actually have a Pensieve; he was just being poetic and saying it like, “If I could show you my memories, you’d find a lot more than you might expect of me.” And, yeah, about Ron… he’s a very angry person in this story. It doesn’t mean he’s evil, no, he’s just really frustrating. But we’ll see soon enough if things really are all that they seem… ^_~

Okay, I know what you must be thinking: “If she can manage to write up a blog post this detailed, she should be focusing that literary energy on finishing the next chapter of her story.” Here goes… ^,^

Best wishes to all,

Rebecca Ripple